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M.D. Spares are proud to be an authorised distributor or Ultima products.

 The fastest growing shock absorber brand in Australia, carries first 3 years or (100,000 Km) warranty and are tested in Australia to ensure ultimate quality.

Ultima shocks offer superior ride and handling qualities than others and this is obtained by using specially developed bump and rebound settings. Unlike other brands Ultima uses a unique 4 lip seal to ensure keeping rubbish out and oil and gas in.

Ultima uses larger piston rods which are also double chromed to absorb the high side loads placed on modern shock absorbers.
Shock absorber eyes are seamless and fusion welded to the body of the shock for greater strength. Bump stops are provided with all struts.

The Ultima Range:
65 GT GAS Series
A Gas charged sealed strut is now common on most late model cars.

34 GT GAS series
Either Cartridge or Strut insert, common on cars pre 1990.

36 Series
A robust standard replacement shock absorber similar to OE in size and specifications.
36S Series
The Spring Seat Shock Absorber is common in most small Japanese cars however now gaining popularity in 2005 onwards 4WDs.

40 Series
Heavy duty Gas shock offering big 40mm bore is suitable for all 4WDs and where a firmer ride is required on passenger vehicles.

46 Series
The mother of all shocks. A massive 46mm bore for the Ultimate in off road action. 

27 Series
Gas charged Steering Dampeners Suitable for all 4WD.

A large selection of popular Ultima numbers are listed online, if you can't find the part for your vehicle on this site, we can still get it for you! Contact us now or check this online catalogue for the part number: