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M.D. Spares are proud to have been chosen as the exclusive online stockist for the exciting new brand Torque Clamp Street Clutches.

A clutch for the street, inspired by the track.
Everyday durability, raceday performance.
Easy enough for your nana, hard enough for you.
If you can't find a clutch to reign in the monster you've created,
you haven't tried Torque Clamp.
The last clutch you'll ever need to buy.

The Torque Clamp range currently covers Ford, GM/Holden, Lexus and Toyota applications.

M.D. Spares - Torque Clamp clutch kit

Torque Clamp Clutch Kits Feature

- All billet - NO casting anywhere.
- Less rotating mass resulting in faster engine response.
- Hardened aliminium angular drive legs for exact concentricity and low M.O.I (moment of inertia).
- Positive power drive located for extreme strength, making clutch and flywheel as one.
- Floater and pressure plate made from drilled high carbon steel for superior heat soak.
- Clutch rattle - you will have the distinctive rattle of a race clutch when you hold your foot on the clutch peddle.
- No straps, no damper springs, NO POINTS OF FAILURE.
- C.A.D Designed
- C.N.C Machined

Torque Clamp is designed with the idea of minimalising points of failure. One of the results of this is a slight rattle as you would hear from a racecar.


Clutch Material

Track - Cerametallic in single or twin plate
Street - Organic in single or twin plate

Torque Rating

Torque Clamp 700 - up to 700 Lbs Ft
Torque Clamp 900 - up to 900 Lbs Ft

Torque Clamp Video -
The Comparison: Stock, Torque Clamp and Racing

See the difference between Torque Clamp, a stock clutch and a racing clutch.
Torque Clamp offers an ideal balance between drive-ability and
performance, find out how.