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We are proud of our long history of affiliated work with global manufacturers and suppliers in order to bring you the finest in quality replacement and performance parts for your vehicle, always at the best price here at M.D. Spares.


M.D. Spares worked in conjuction with our manufacturer to develop our exclusive

high performance alloy cylinder heads, to suit Chev engines. We are proud to say that these high flow heads outperform many big name cylinder heads on the Australian market.

M.D. Spares - Cylinder head combustion chamber

Aluminium cylinder heads are up to 50% lighter than a comparable cast iron version.
Produce more torque/horse power and higher thermal conductivity!

Available as single heads, or in kits complete with high performance valves.

- Combustion Chamber - 65cc
- Flow Rate - 1000mls
- Flow Rate Conversion - @ 0.550" valve lift = 517 HP
- Inlet Runners - 200cc
- Bronze Guides
- Angled spark plug hole
- Inlet Valves - 51.308mm/2.020" (not included)
- Exhaust Valves - 40.64mm/1.600" (not included)


All MDS Fuel Pump Kits and MDS Fuel Pump Module Assemblies are individually tested during each production and assembly stage ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction.

The range includes universal and direct applications to suit many popular local and overseas vehicles, including but not limited to:
BMW, Ford, GM/Holden, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

- Direct Replacement Modules
- Enhanced Performance
- Upgraded internal & external Filter / Strainer elements
- Ethanol E10 Compatible
- Balanced High Speed Armature
- High Quality Carbon Brushes
- Improved Electrical Connector


We worked with our manufacturer throughout the design process to bring you these competition quality connecting rods. Reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

M.D. Spares - H-Beam Con Rods

The range includes applications to suit
Chevrolet, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru engines.

- Fully machined from forged billet top grade material (40CrNiMoA).
- Small end pin bush precision ground to suit floating piston pin.
- All connecting rods fitted with 3/8" 2000 series bolts.
- All connecting rods sold in engine sets.

MDS Head Bolt Kits have been proven through time and performance to last the distance.

M.D. Spares - H-Beam Con Rods

Our wide range includes applications to suit many local and overseas vehicles.
MDS Head Bolts are made from hardened and tempered steel featuring a black oxide finish.

Modern engines run torque to yield (stretch) head bolts. For this reason, head bolts MUST be replaced once you’ve removed the cylinder head.
The allowable elasticity of these head bolts is a requirement of the overall function of modern engine design.


M.D. Spares are proud to bring you our exclusive high capacity sump pans.
High capacity sump pans keep oil around the pick-up area under all conditions.

M.D. Spares - Sump Pan Cleveland front view

The range includes applications to suit Ford and Holden engines.
Sump and gasket sets are also available.

All our sumps are either silver or gold cad plated, which can be painted easily or left as is.


M.D. Spares are proud to supply our very own range of Timing Belt Kits, developed and designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

M.D. Spares - Timing Belt Kits

The extensive range includes local and overseas applications and come complete with synchronous belt/s, tensioner/idler wheels and high quality oil seals.

A wide range of issues can lead to timing belt tensioner or idler failure. Bearing life is limited by wear, misalignment, loss of lubricant and ingress of wear particles.
Most of these problems cannot be readily identified by an inspection, so it is always best to replace the tensioner and/or idlers as part of the timing belt replacement.

Do the whole job correctly the first time when you buy a reliable and competitively priced MDS Timing Belt Kit, with everything you need in one box!


M.D. Spares worked in conjunction with our cylinder head manufacturer to develop these high performance inlet and exhaust valves, to suit Chev engines.

M.D. Spares - Exhaust Valves

Available as singular valves, and also in kits of eight.

- Single piece valve
- Stainless steel - tough material provides for long life.
- Swirl polished - for improved flow.
- Single collet groove - allowing for multiple valve spring options.