model, engine code, part number etc.

M.D. Spares would like to thank all customers for their support over the years but has ceased distribution of their complete range of products.

We have arranged for the following companies to handle all further enquiries for our product range:

Engine Part Inquires:
North Vic Engines – Victoria
Phone: (03) 5868 2253

KAAZ/Transmission Part Inquiries:
Precision Differential and Gearbox – South Australia
Phone: (08) 8340 4333


M.D. Spares are proud to be the sole authorised Australian distributor for Kaaz Motor Sports.

 All Kaaz products are made in Japan to the highest standards.


Close Ratio Gear Sets

Kaaz's shorter gear ratios provide for overall improvement of transmission performance.
The range of close ratio gear sets is now limited to covering Lotus & Toyota vehicles.

M.D. Spares - Kaaz close ratio gear set

Powertrain Gear Oil

Kaaz's specially developed lubricant improves L.S.D. performance, providing a longer life with  smooth and quiet operation. Achieve a high level of lubrication with low friction loss. Buy now!

M.D. Spares - Kaaz Powertrain Gear Oil


Limited Slip Differentials

 Kaaz Corporation is the top manufacturer and supplier of Limited Slip Differentials (L.S.D.) for racing and street performance in Japan. Kaaz are in fact world leaders in differentials for the motor sport market, with years of experience within the industry covering drag, drift, rally and on-road applications.
M.D. Spares have been proud to bring this experience and quality to the Australian market since 1999. Through close cooperation with Kaaz Corporation we have jointly developed the centres for both the local Commodore and Falcon range.

Kaaz have a full range of their world renowned L.S.D to suit:
Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, GM/Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Proton, Subaru, Toyota & Volkswagen vehicles.

M.D. Spares - Kaaz LSD

Function of L.S.D.


A standard differential in your car in known as an "open" diff. An open diff will always transfer power to the wheel with the least resistance. When performing hard turns with a standard differential, the vehicle weight shifts and tilts the car causing loss of traction when the inner wheel lifts up and invariably spins. Performing hard turns with a limited slip differential the power transfer is maintained to both driving wheels and thus controls traction.


In this situation, a standard differential equipped vehicle will be unable to continue driving as the power will be supplied to the wheel with the least resistance. A vehicle that has a limited slip differential will have the power transfer shift to the wheel with more traction, enabling the car to move.

The Kaaz L.S.D. has been developed to sense the difference between both driving wheels' rotation and smoothly transfers the power to the ground by limiting differential action. This greatly improves the control of the vehicle while accelerating through turns.

Features of the Kaaz L.S.D.

Kaaz L.S.D. is the pioneer in the large sized clutch plate design. Its effectiveness and durability has been proven at the race scene throughout the world.


The cone spring is generally known to provide pressure when compressed. Normally the initial resistance is soft but as more pressure is applied the resistance increases quickly. Understanding this cone spring's character and pressure build up, Kaaz engineers have achieved a unique design to provide the smoothest engagement and locking ability in the Kaaz L.S.D. units.

In general, there is a misunderstanding that "high initial torque = more effective L.S.D.". The Kaaz design is based on the L.S.D.'s overall locking characteristic and does not depend solely on the initial torque setting. This makes for much smoother driver control. By controlling the L.S.D.'s effectiveness based on the accelerator input, the driver can always feel the supurb stability when driving. Kaaz L.S.D.'s most unique feature is the smoothness between the lock to free transfer brought from it's unique design.


Newly developed "RS" clutch plates are utilised on all the new "Solid L.S.D." models. These new plates are specially designed to improve gripping whilst reducing wear. All of the pinion gears and side gears are made from top quality steel and special heat treatment is applied to obtain maximum strength. The differential castings are all machined from top quality material to withstand the abuse of high horsepower input and high temperatures inherit in performance driving. Precise fitment is assured with strict quality control management throughout all stages of production.


Feel the difference!
Superb reaction time and grip with these new "RS" plates.
Better reaction and control compared to the basic model.
Better torque transfer and heat control.
New high quality machined case.


1 Way - Effective positive lock on acceleration only, acting as an "open" differential on deceleration and braking. No L.S.D. effect at all on braking/deceleration.

1.5 Way - Effective positive lock on acceleration and less effective on deceleration and braking. Precise vehicle control can be achieved, although less effective for true RWD racing applications.

2 Way - Effective and equal positive lock on both acceleration and deceleration/braking. Perfect for drifting and high speed road racing use.

For further information on Kaaz LSD's, complete with clutch size guide and drive plate stacking diagram, download our Kaaz information sheet.