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MD Spares proudly supplies the widely renowned range of ignition products from the specialists at BERU.

Modern engines place heavy demands on electrical systems. So leads must deliver high spark power to ignite different fuel mixtures and provide good insulation to carry high spark voltages.

BERU is a premium ignition and cold-start brand exclusively distributed by Federal-Mogul in the global after market. The BERU brand has a proud history of technical innovation and product development. Today, it provides quality parts to the world’s leading car manufacturers and the after market.

A gasoline engine needs three things: air, fuel, and a spark. The spark plug ignites the air/fuel mixture, producing the combustion that powers the engine. It plays a major role in fuel economy; clean, efficient combustion; and the reliable operation of engines and catalytic converters.

Compact, light plug top ignition coils and bi-hex spark plugs provide durable and environmentally friendly ignition especially for modern downsized engines.

In addition the BERU brand offers complete ignition systems combining ignition coils, ignition modules, ignition cables and connectors.